Parent-Child Interaction Therapy

Parent-Child Interaction Therapy

We offer Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT), a highly effective, evidence-based treatment for children age 2 to 7 years who have aggressive and/or disruptive behaviors and also for families who may have a history of harsh discipline.
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What does this program offer?

PCIT places emphasis on improving the quality of the parent-child relationship and interaction patterns. Parents are taught specific skills to establish a nurturing and secure relationship with their child while increasing the child’s willingness to cooperate and decreasing their negative behaviors.

Eligible children must qualify for Medical Assistance in Montgomery, Berks, or Philadelphia Counties.


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What you will receive as part of your treatment:

• Weekly coaching and education by a PCIT-trained clinician in our office

• In-the-moment coaching while you play with your child in a specially designed room to facilitate positive interactions

• In some cases, compensation may be given to you when you agree to participate in providing feedback

Contact Information:
Please contact us for more information about which of our locations offer this service.


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