Sun W. Moon Psy.D., M.B.A.

Executive Director, MCHS

Corporate Office, Blue Bell, PA

As a scholar-practitioner in clinical, organizational, and school psychology and a health and medical services administrator, Sun has been serving the communities of the greater Philadelphia metropolitan area for over 24 years. Sun has worked across a robust continuum of behavioral healthcare including extended acute care, residential, partial hospitalization, community-based, and outpatient settings. He has collaborated and consulted with providers and organizations in medical services, social services, human services, and legal systems, public and private.

Sun now spends most of his time providing clinical and executive leadership that exemplifies dignity, respect, compassion, and teamwork, while providing evidence-based care. His current professional interests include executive and technical leadership of behavioral health services and facilities in over 65 unique locations across the Greater Philadelphia metropolitan area; integrated treatment design for educational, social, and behavioral health services; collaborative care delivery systems; and organizational process improvements in today’s managed care environment.

Sun and his team look to answer questions of tomorrow, today. Questions like how to integrate care and services around each person-served across their lifespan, how to intentionally engage a community population while individualized for each person-served, how to uniquely shape treatment services to hit measurable targets for each person-served and their associated stakeholders, how to make care decisions based upon evidence and not eminence, and how to embrace accountability in quality and outcomes.

dr sun moon-malvern chs team