Behavioral Health Rehabilitation Services

Behavioral Health Rehabilitation Services (Wrap Around)

Childhood Kids Our BHRS program (also known as “Wraparound services”) provides intensive behavioral health support for youth between the ages of 3 and 18 who have serious emotional or behavioral issues.  These services are funded by Medical Assistance.  If you do not have Medical Assistance, we will help you obtain it.  (Eligibility is determined by medical necessity and not financial resources.  Eligibility may extend to age 21 for youth who are still in school or college.)

Because it truly does take a village to raise a child, we encourage close involvement in the treatment process with all important sources of support for the child or adolescent. This includes the father, mother, role models of both genders, caregivers, friends, and members of the family’s spiritual community.

What does this program offer?

A psychologist evaluates the child’s or adolescent’s need for services, and may recommend BHRS services to the managed care organization (MCO).  The MCO then determines whether the psychologist’s recommendations meet their criteria for medical necessity;  if so, those services will be funded by Medical Assistance. BHRS services are tailored to the unique needs of each youth by providing therapeutic interventions wherever needed, in the home, school, or community. A Case Manager (CM) regularly communicates and coordinates with all systems of care involved with the youth’s treatment. The Case Manager serves as a liaison with the managed care organization to ensure that the appropriate levels of care are being provided. The CM schedules psychological and psychiatric evaluations, coordinates interagency meetings, and is an ongoing resource to the family and youth in terms of services and benefits which may be available to them.

Treatment and support are provided by additional team members who may include: Teenage Girls Having Fun Outdoors

A Behavioral Specialist Consultant (BSC) is a professional who designs effective behavioral interventions in collaboration with all individuals involved with the child or adolescent and their family.  The BSC develops and helps implement the treatment plan, supervises the treatment team and links the youth and family with helpful services. A Mobile Therapist (MT) is a mental health professional who provides therapy sessions within the home involving the youth, family or other caregivers.  Problems frequently addressed in therapy include depression, anxiety, hyperactivity, family conflicts and other barriers to successful coping. A Therapeutic Support Staff (TSS) is a Bachelors level worker who helps implement the Treatment Plan objectives and goals.  The primary approach is through transfer of skills to everyone involved.  TSSs work under the direction and supervision of the Behavioral Specialist Consultant.

A psychiatrist evaluates the need for psychotropic medication and also provides ongoing med management.   childIn addition to the above individuals, both the youth and the caregiver(s) are responsible for being active participants in the youth’s recovery.  They are encouraged to be responsible for the development of their recovery plan, and our team is available to support and assist them in their efforts.   To start the process to have your child enrolled in BHRS services, please click here for our admissions page.

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