Training Requirements

Malvern staff are required to be compliant with the yearly training hour requirements set forth by the State of Pennsylvania. Outpatient Therapists, BSCs, MTs, GMTs, and LCs should obtain a minimum of 10 hours of training/year. Experienced TSSs and BHWsor should obtain a minimum of 20 hours/year. Newly hired TSSs and BHWs are required to take 15 hours of orientation training. TSSs and BHWs with limited experience are required to take an additional 24 hours of training prior to their first 6 months.

All Malvern Outpatient, BHRS, and STS staff are required to complete the following mandatory trainings, which are provided and documented by Malvern:
• Fire Safety & Prevention
• Suicide Precautions
• Management of Escalation
• Infection Control/Universal Precautions/Blood-Borne Pathogens
• Cultural Awareness
• Disaster Training
• First Aid
• Identification and Reporting of Critical Incidents
These are to be completed prior to hire and must be completed every two years. These do NOT count towards the minimum State mandated requirement referred to above. A number of these trainings can be found at

All Malvern OP Therapists are required to receive 2 hours of trauma-related training each year.

All Malvern OP Therapists, BHRS staff, and STS staff are required to attend a minimum of 2.5 hours of training each year on LGBTQI issues.

In addition, all staff may be referred for specific training based on identified professional development needs, agency corrective action plans, or organizational efforts to change the culture of treatment.

All staff (including administrative staff, office staff, and staff who have direct contact with children) are required to take the Act 31 Mandated Reporting training. (This does count towards the minimum State mandated requirements.)

In addition, all Behavior Specialist Consultants and Lead Clinicians who work with Community Behavioral Health (CBH) clients are required to take 8 hours of Behavior Modification per year. This is in addition to any training taken as part of the Licensed Behavior Specialist requirements by the state and does not count towards the minimum State mandated requirements. (On the other hand, the Behavior Mod training can count for all staff who do not have CBH clients.)

Clinicians who are assigned to clients managed by Magellan are required to complete an online CANS (Child and Adolescent Needs and Strengths) assessment training through Magellan’s website. The CANS assessment is required at every evaluation for clients who are NOT in the Autistic Spectrum. Clinicians will only be able to complete the CANS for Magellan clients if they are credentialed through Magellan’s site.

Behavior Specialist Consultants who perform Functional Behavioral Assessments are required to take a 2-day training on this specialized assessment. In addition, there is a State competency test for the FBA that must be passed. This does not count towards the State minimum requirement.

Malvern accepts training from outside entities, provided that the following is furnished to the Site Director: a copy of the certificate listing the time (clock hours), learning objectives, and a copy of the PowerPoint or other handouts.

Malvern allows a percentage of training to be completed online and provides a list of approved and vetted sites which generate documentation when content is completed.

Malvern encourages home study and provides a series of training DVDs to staff (lending library style) along with a post-test. A minimum score of 80% will be required to pass the post-test and obtain credit for all unproctored showings of the training DVDs. Credit for the length of the training will be added to the clinician’s training record when the DVD and post-test with a passing score are returned.

Malvern encourages staff to keep track of their training hours. Staff are regularly encouraged to check to make sure that their records “match” those of the organization.

If you have any questions about your training hours and what is needed, please contact your Site Director.



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